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Thank God it’s Monday?!?!

One of the most challenging parts of the day can be finding the motivation to get out of bed and schlep through a car ride or public transportation to get to work. Once there, perhaps we can’t talk to people until we’ve had a cup of overpriced coffee. Sometimes, we even feel like our co-workers should be happy we just made it into the office at all, whether we’re there on time or not.

Stop. Reflect. Reset.

What if today, and tomorrow, and the day after that, we approached work with 3 fundamental ideas in place:

  1. That we are powerful beyond our wildest imagination

  2. We can use this phenomenal power to shape our reality

  3. That when we bring our best authentic selves to any space it is an inspiration to others to do the same

Wouldn’t that make going to work so much more valuable than just being in attendance? What would that do the working environment and organizational culture?

Most importantly, what would that do for you?

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