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A Change You Can Believe In

We’ve all heard of the “change we can believe in” and some of us have had a “change of Heart” about a situation or person and of course as people in the nonprofit sector we see first hand the difference “spare change” can make, but what causes the biggest change in the way we are?Is there any greater gift that we have continuous and unlimited access to than the ability to “change” our minds?

Think about it, if we’re down, we can change our perspective to enthusiastic. If we think we can’t get something done, we can change the way we’re looking at the situation to find a solution.If you’re like me, there are some things that you know you need to change about yourself right now. Maybe you’ve been holding off on making the change. Maybe you don’t think you know how to make the change. Maybe you don’t want to make the change because of the responsibility that comes with it.Whatever the case may be, the ability to control our outlook and thinking rests squarely with us.

So if things are not going your way, and you want to make a change for the better, start by changing the thinking of the person staring at you in the mirror.

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