Coaching 4 Black Men

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it.”                                                                                          - Muhammad Ali




Coaches are men and women who have decided to dedicate their time, effort, and energy to being conduits for others to realize their potential.  When I am working with a client,I refer to this potential as your “best authentic self”.  Coaches spend years learning, developing, and improvising on techniques and methods of engagement while ultimately developing their own unique style to work with their clients. Coaching sessions are structuredand usuallylast no longerthan one hour. They will often incorporate development of or reflections on the initial client goal that starts the engagement; discussion of self-work the client does in between sessions;and other experiences the client has in between sessions.  A coaching engagement can last for a few months or longer but it is not meant to go on indefinitely.  When a coaching engagement is over, the client has usually come to a new understanding of personal power to positively change his life, has seen evidence of this change and power, and has some tools to use in the future to move forward.  


From my perspective, everyone would benefit from some form of coaching at some point in their lives. Black men are not uniquely different in this respect even though the circumstances that create the need for coaching certainly are.  At its core, coaching is about helping individuals maximize their potential.  In order to maximize this potential coaching clients have to overcome a host of barriers that are clouding their perception of their personal power to change their reality.  For Black men, our perception of personal power is systematically blocked through racism, propaganda that creates negative self-image and an onslaught of outright assaults and micro-aggressions.  When Black men feel attacked and marginalized, we strike out at ourselves through self-limiting and self-destructive activities and, in some cases, we become detrimental to the people in our work, relationships and community.  As a coaching program, Coaching 4 Black Men (C4BM) is designed specifically to work with Black men who want to maximize their potential and their positive impact at work, in relationships, and in their community.  To find out more about the C4BM framework, you must read book one of the series that explains it.  The link to the book can be found HERE   Here’s what clients are saying about their coaching experience:















If you feel like you would benefit from having a thought partner as you dynamically change your life by becoming the leader you know you can be, contact  BlackStar for a free consultation.

“In addition to working diligently to ensure I met the goals established in our coaching, Charles was also proactive and insightful in assisting me in taking my work to the next level. I began coaching, aiming for quite simple goals yet through his coaching, I was able to set higher goals that stretched me farther and I was able to achieve them.”

“Charles is skilled in reframing situations and problems from a business perspective and assisting in helping to prioritize goals and objectives of management and program components of clients.  Charles is also very encouraging.  ”




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