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Thrive-ability CONSULTING

“Results are obtained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems. ”                                                                                                                                                - Peter F. Drucker 


Over my professional career, I have had the opportunity to work with many organizations that were on the verge of taking that critical next step toward living their mission.  What I found was not lack in passion or dedication, but often challenges around having the time or in-house expertise to move the organization forward.  This is where BlackStar’s “Thrive-ability Consulting” makes all the difference.


Thrive-ability Consulting is client-centric and focused on moving an organization from “survival” mode, through “sustainable” mode and ultimately into a position of “thrive-ability”. An organization is “thrive-able” once it has its people, policies, procedures, processes, and programs working in conjunction toward the same goal.  BlackStar helps clients:


  • Develop more effective ways to track the progress of their staff toward beneficial goals (people-focus),

  • Develop operations manuals that help organize and codify key business practices (policies and procedures – focus),

  • Review and reorganize key business operations to uncover inefficiencies and streamline activities (process – focus),

  • And/or assist organizations in developing new or refining existing programming (program – focus)
















If you need a dedicated professional resource who can help your organization move to it’s next level; if your organization has a critical project that needs to be completed, but the expertise or time is not available on staff; or if you need an objective, detailed, usable assessment of what your organization is doing or what it is doing well, contact BlackStar for a free consultation.










“Charles is very detail-oriented and precise which was incredibly important for the work he did for our organization…He met all of his deadlines and deliverables. He also provided very thoughtful and helpful suggestions during meetings…”

[BlackStar provided a] “high level of performance in organization management and operations…Strong skills sets and knowledge base in nonprofit management…[and] phenomenal personality traits that enable Charles to communicate with a broad range of stakeholders.”

Here’s what clients are saying about their consulting experience:

create a world-class  Organization

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