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Unified Perspective TRAINING

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”                                              - Andrew Carnegie


Group trainings, when properly developed and implemented, can be beneficial to teams and the organizations those teams support.  BlackStar offers trainings that are designed to not only foster a learning environment for participants, but also create an interactive team building experience.  Trainings offered by BlackStar focus on the strengths and perspectives of participants.  Past BlackStar trainings include:







Communication Matters:  Facilitative Leadership in the Workplace

-Understanding facilitative leadership

-Communication styles that get the work done

-Managing teams more effectively

-Understanding your communication style

Through the Crystal Wall:  Assessing Key Challenges of Small to Medium Nonprofits

-Assessing and overcoming key leadership challenges

-Assessing and overcoming key management challenges

-Assessing and overcoming key staff challenges

-Assessing and overcoming  key systems challenges

Taking People Higher:  Goal Setting for Employees

-The need for goals

-Goals as a personal and organizational tool

-Goals and the learning organization concept

-SMART goals practice


"[Charles’s] Specific strengths include: deep knowledge about the grant making process; knowledge about the importance of program evaluation; and knowledge about innovative best practices. He has great communication skills…He has a great ability to help make concepts more concrete through hands-on exercises and discussion. He is great at empowering participants to think beyond their roles to understand how their work impacts the bottom line."


Here’s what clients are saying about their training experience:











If you’re interested in raising the knowledge base of your staff, looking for ways to refocus your team around a critical process or goal, or introducing your leadership team to techniques that increase efficacy, contact BlackStar for a free consultation.

build a high performing Team

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