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How Coaching Makes a Difference

The field of professional coaching has expanded along with the focus on leadership and professional development. The International Coach Federation (ICF) regularly tracks the expansion and efficacy of the coaching field while also providing advanced certifications to trained coaches. The ICF's work provides oversight for the field and routinely assesses the global value of coaching to clients. An example of their work can be found in this report.

While more and more professionals, businesses, and youth are benefitting from coaching, there still remains a large segment of the population that has not utilized coaching and remains relatively unaware of its advantages. While the ICF report can and does supply deep information on coaching, there are several, tangible benefits that I have personally experienced and witnessed as someone who has received coaching and provided coaching to clients:

  • Structured, personalized goal setting – the entry point for any sound coaching relationship is a coaching plan that sets goals for the client to work toward. These goals are set by the client and the coach, honor the client’s agenda, and work to ensure that the goals are attained in a timely, measureable fashion.

  • Accountability partnering – during a coaching plan, the coach will move the client’s agenda forward by having the client complete time sensitive tasks. These tasks ensure that the client’s growth and learning continues even when he/she is not in session. These assignments are meant to push the client toward professional and personal growth. Interestingly enough, these two aspects cannot be de-coupled and a well-trained coach will assist the client in doing the work in both areas.

  • Perception expansion – one of the huge benefits of working with a coach is having someone holding your agenda above anything else. This does not prevent the coach from challenging the assumptions of the client in a healthy way. In fact, this is particularly valuable when the client’s perceptions are providing blocks to reaching their ultimate goals. In instances like this, the coach can help the client see things from a broader perspective and realize solutions that would have been overlooked.

  • Impactful results – people that work with coaches do get measurable results. The results can be communicating differently and more effectively in a relationship, developing a magnetic brand and marketing strategy, or managing direct reports more effectively. Regardless of the goal, research has shown that the overwhelming majority of coaching clients would and often do continue working with a coach after an initial coaching plan concludes.

For more information on coaching or to receive a complimentary coaching session, please feel free to contact me directly.

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