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Reframing Success Through Lenses of Personal Excellence

What is “success” to you? Is it about the money you make, the notoriety you receive for the work you do, the appreciation you receive from others, or the way it makes you feel?

Unfortunately, many of us define success on someone else’s terms. As a result, we find that we either aren’t able to generate the energy to achieve the goals others have laid out for us or when we do reach this level of success we find it remarkably unfulfilling. Instead of focusing on trying to be successful, what would happen if we focused on being excellent at whatever we are passionate about?

We see people who are remarkably successful and we imagine that they are “on” all the time. We think they never have off days, they never doubt themselves, they never feel unmotivated. But the truth is, they are just like us and we are just like them. We ALL experience off moments and even days where we are not as productive as possible. We all also have the power to break out of those moments by keeping in mind what is important to us, why we are doing the work we are doing and how this work makes the world a better place for ourselves and those we care about. Yes, these may seem like lofty ideas, but when doesn’t achieving greatness demand exceptional standards?

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