March 24, 2014

One of the most challenging parts of the day can be finding the motivation to get out of bed and schlep through a car ride or public transportation to get to work. Once there, perhaps we can’t talk to people until we’ve had a cup of overpriced coffee. Sometimes, we eve...

March 20, 2014

What is “success” to you? Is it about the money you make, the notoriety you receive for the work you do, the appreciation you receive from others, or the way it makes you feel?


Unfortunately, many of us define success on someone else’s terms. As a result, we find that...

March 20, 2014

We’ve all heard of the “change we can believe in” and some of us have had a “change of Heart” about a situation or person and of course as people in the nonprofit sector we see first hand the difference “spare change” can make, but what causes the biggest change in the...

January 20, 2014

Disclaimer:  Those who have read past posts know that I’m not a Seattle Seahawks fan, really could care less who is in the Super Bowl from the NFC and as a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan already “won” once the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots were eliminated...

January 6, 2014

The field of professional coaching has expanded along with the focus on leadership and professional development.  The International Coach Federation (ICF) regularly tracks the expansion and efficacy of the coaching field while also providing advanced certifications to...

January 2, 2014

Being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan is generally an "up" experience. It is one of the best-run franchises in sports and has won more Super Bowls than any other franchise in the NFL. This year has been a rough one but an educational one as well. On the last day of the regul...

November 21, 2013

Here’s a scenario:  you’re running a meeting, you have a great agenda, you’re well prepared, you know the people in the room well and you’re fairly certain that this meeting is more of a next steps session as everyone appears to be on the same page.  At the start of th...

November 14, 2013

End of year reviews are coming.  Depending on perspective, this can be a time of anxiety or joy for both managers and direct reports.  Often, staff approaches reviews fearful that they will receive negative feedback and many managers are equally as concerned about deli...

November 8, 2013

Management is both art and science.  Unfortunately, many managers focus on their own personality and way of managing (that’s the art) or they believe they can simply employ the latest management theory and be successful (that’s the science).  The truth is a combination...

November 3, 2013

One of my favorite verses from the Bible can be found in the book of Joshua, chapter 1, verse 5 which reads, “Thou shalt not have any man stand before thee all the days of thy life, as I was with Moses, so shall I be with thee, I will not fail thee or forsake thee”.  T...

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March 20, 2014

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November 21, 2013

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