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Guiding principles


The Process is Paramount

A well-organized, thoughtful process will yield the desired outcomes. Clients are most effective when they have committed to a process and they can count on BlackStar to assist them in developing a process that will help them reach their goals.






Questions Provide Clarity 

Whether you are a consulting client or coaching client, you will be asked empowering questions to not only provide tremendous amounts of data, but also engage you in the problem-solving process.  As simple as it may seem, questions lead to answers, and the best questions lead to breakthroughs.  The ideal working relationship allows clients to ask and answer any and all questions.


Clients are Partners

Engagements are always, first and foremost, a partnership.  BlackStar will hold and clearly express expectations for clients and anticipates reciprocated actions.  When both parties not only meet, but exceed these expectations, there is an opportunity for truly transformational work.





Change Comes From Challenge

Sometimes consulting and coaching engagements can surface tension or discord.  When these moments occur, there is tremendous opportunity for a great and significant change.  In fact, constructive contention is the entry point to significant, positive change.






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