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Let BlackStar guide YOU!

BlackStar is a solutions-oriented, organizational development firm providing services to individuals and organizations.  My approach combines uniquely tailored engagement; relevant promising practices; and practical, personal and professional experience.


BlackStar works with many types of clients: small- to medium-sized nonprofits, start-ups, small businesses, groups interested in working more effectively together and individuals who want to more effectively reach their personal and professional goals.

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BlackStar provides three distinct, yet interrelated, services


  • Organizational development support that assists businesses with realizing their mission


  • Interactive trainings designed to transition groups of individuals into unified teams focused on results and poised for greater success



The combination of these three services, and/or the strategic implementation of any one, positions organizations to be more mission-focused and individuals to be more goals-oriented.


Phone:  202-713-9650


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Charles J Evans, President

Live what you talk about, be your best, 

authentic self and encourage others to do the same.

What clients are saying about working with BlackStar:

"Strengths that Charles personally brings to his work are an unbiased ear during sessions, strong communication and active listening skills. He takes great notes and gives very relevant feedback. He is also very broad minded and genuine in discussion. Charles provokes a lot of thought encouraging honest and authentic answers. "  

"By working with BlackStar I was able gain more insight into my future goal planning along with resolving some lingering questions I had about the success of my small business. I looked forward to our weekly conversations because I knew that I would learn a little more about me each time."

"Charles has a keen ability to make extremely accurate assesments of persons, challenges, and most importantly, solutions  He truly empowered me through his coaching techniques and was a great support as I worked to apply the solutions we discussed. Perhaps what was most valuable was his sincere investment in my success."

"I would definitely consider working with BlackStar in the future because it is very helpful to have the level of support offered by the company, specifically during the start-up phase of the organization. "

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